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Fascism Explained

Fascism is a far right ideology built around the idea of extreme authoritarianism and ultra Nationalism, which mostly includes hatred for a particular group of people which are deemed as “subhumans”, “unwanted people” or “threat to national security”

The ideology was founded by Italian National syndicalists during the Great War or commonly referred to as the First world war. The ideology combined certain ideals from the ultra right wing ideologies and radical leftist Ideologies but was more hell-bent on right leaning Ideologies.

Giovanni Gentile is also referred to as the Father of Fascism. Where was it seen ?

  •  One of the first examples was Italy under Benitto Mussolini who represented and exemplified strong hatred for the people whom Italy had colonised, namely Abbysinians or modern day Ethiopians and Somalians and he went on to commit numerous war crimes in Italian Abbysinia. And one of his greatest examples of ultra Nationalism was his will to expand the Italian influence in the entire Mediterranean region.

  • This example while not *exactly* being Fascist is far more famous than any other thing. Adolph Hitler and his Nazi (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) or NSDAP. The party portrayed itself as a leftist party to celebrate the German workers but as a matter of fact, it was more than clear that it was an extremely hateful right winged party with deeply anti Semitic and sexist roots.

  • In 1973, the Chilean military general Augusto Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected socialist leader Salvador Allende. While not fully accepted as a fascist, most of his actions like oppression of people and killing of Political opponents.

Some Modern Day Examples

  • Donald Trump- In the midst of the recent BLM protests, the Trump administration has been accused of certain human rights violations and detaining Political opponents and has also been accused of commiting many human rights violations against United States' citizens.

  • Jair Bolsonaro- The current president of Brazil can be considered a fascist primarily because of his actions in the Amazon forest and his hatred towards the LGBTQ+ community.

In the 21st century, there are a lot of insignificant and small organisations that follow this ideology which is why we can’t talk about all of them.

A Case For Fascism

(Despite the fact that this is a murderous ideology and we at Alpha theory do not support it in any way, it’s important to note that no ideology is perfect and that even the worst things have some good in them)

  • A greater national security because of a large military

  • More national stability Because of the lack of political competition and centralisation of power

  • Safer environments because of policing

A Case Against Fascism

  • Heavy persecution of minorities based on gender, race, religion, societal standing, sexuality, etc.

  • A larger emphasis on militaristic goals rather than internal development. 

  • An authoritarian economy built around Capitalism which burdens the poorer sections of society.

  • The ultra National fanaticism which leads to heinous crimes being committed in the name of national security.

Till Next Time,

~Uddheshya Agarwal


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