The Alpha Theory has grown from a one person initiative to a full-grown team of over 15 members. In just a year, we have reached over 17,000 people in 6 continents and over 20 countries. We have also partnered with events affiliated with the United Nations Information Centre for India & Bhutan, United Nations High Commission on Refugee and the United Nations 75 years program,  as well as Jindal Global Law School's MUN Society and an Irish Journalism Club. 

The Alpha Theory with its following of 'for the youth, by the youth' aims to nurture future leaders that can identify and combat global conflicts & issues. Through our articles and multiple informational streams that educate thousands of students and the youth, we aim to bring to light relevant affairs around the world and highlight legal, social and political crises of the past and present to help future leaders implement apt solutions. We aim to become a platform for the youth to voice their opinion on global issues and consequently implement the required change to combat them, initially through journalism. 



Founder & Managing Director

A 14 year old currently residing in Pune, Nehal has founded The Alpha Theory. Nehal is an avid public speaker, heavily interested in Model United Nations and debates. With a rising interest in Foreign affairs and current affairs, Nehal believes that today's youth must rise to the occasion and become better leaders of tomorrow's world and equip themselves with the knowledge to solve our world's current issues. Nehal is also a passionate cricketer and pianist.



Executive Director

& Director of Politics 101

Aadi is a meme loving ML who always wears a green tie, likes cattos and likes debating. He loves reading theory and one day engaging in praxis.His motto alternates between viva la revolution and I hate mondays.



Director of Humanitarian Affairs

Amey Parekh is a 17-year-old World affairs enthusiast and science addict. A current affairs content writer and a powerful speaker, Amey strives to make the best changes to his community and others and help however he can. He is keen on helping people and pursuing medecine in the future.



Head of Human Resources

Ever since she stumbled upon software engineering, Risika’s world has revolved around programming. She likes the indoors, outdoors and also just straight up doors. She is fond of writers associated with aestheticism which pretty much sums up her personality. She also engages herself in music production when she has nothing to do. Other than that, she likes to nerd over politics and geology.