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Visit our archives to read the older editions of India's 1st Ever High-School Student Produced Sustainability Magazine.

If you're on phone, view the magazine here by clicking the link below.


SustainablyAlpha aims to investigate and educate the Indian and international audience about the role sustainability plays in various industries. Through our platform, we want our readers to understand the intricracies and nuances of sustainablility in various sectors' social, political and economic scenarios. Utilising the youth, a generation upon whom sustainability is a necessity and no longer a recommendation, we want to educate the world through the power of Independent Youth Journalism. Talking about the right global problems and their solutions to enlighten every generation and lobby the institutions that matter is what SustainablyAlpha envisions to become.


SustainablyAlpha returns for its 7th Edition SDG 3 focuses on Well Being and good health. At the epitome of sustainable focus since the onset of this decade, we reflect on the impact COVID-19 has had on global health infrastructure and awareness. We delve into the nuances of SDG 3 while exploring more whimsical themes in musical healing. We also discuss the development in Indian health infrastructure off late before diving into sexual health. While this month doesn’t feature Beyond Basic Botanics, our Zoomer Diaries column compensates with an insightful piece on personality. SDG 3 is vastly extensive, and as student body shifts their focus towards school examinations, we’ve decided to split SDG 3 into 2 editions, aside from taking a break in March 2024. Look out for the second part later this year. Enjoy our 7th edition, all 140,000 of you.

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