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Centrism Explained

What is Centrism?

Centrism isn't a conventional ideology or a political philosophy. It doesn't have any specific political goals but rather a lack of them. Centrism and centrists are commonly believed to reject all political opinions in favour of pure political neutrality but in the current world, centrism has more or less became an apolitical group that recognises all ideologies and political factions but decides to align themselves with no one. Centrism in itself is a rather ambiguous term for some it's the absence of political thought, for some it is maintaining the status quo, some don't know anything follow this doctrine too. The main idea behind centrism would be that of compromise, compromising to satisfy both sides and to broker a deal which makes sense to both.

Origins of Centrism

Centrism has existed ever since thoughts have, there are no traces of a standard and pure doctrine of centrism, peacemaking and brokering a deal between two sides has always existed within society.

Where was Centrism Seen

Centrism is omnipresent, it has existed everywhere from the Parthenon at Greece to the Reichstag in Nazi Germany and the Senate in the United States. Emmanuel Macron would be the best example of a centrist leader, although macron tends to lean towards one side or the other depending on the issue he remains somewhat of a centrist.

The Historical Achievements of The Centrist Movement

The Centrist Movement has its roots in every achievement of mankind, it has worked to deescalate conflicts, give rationalised takes, support the status quo and ensure that fair compromise is made. However, the notion that centrism is egalitarian in nature is a myth, centrism favours to maintain the status quo whilst ensuring compromise and not to make an egalitarian society.

A Case for Centrism

  1. Centrism promotes compromise and brokers a deal beneficial to all parties in some way.

  2. It helps in de-escalation.

A Case Against Centrism

  1. It enables the extremist and polarised status quo

  2. It refuses to make radical changes which would help the masses

Our Opinion

Centrism is, as we see it a Panglossian concept, a utopian one, disconnected from reality. It has enabled the likes of Hitler and Mussolini. Centrism while good, in theory, fails to usher in peace and prosperity in real life as it forgets to factor in populism and the fact that compromise might not be the best thing to do at all times.

~ Aadi Sardesai & Uddheshya Agarwal

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